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Course Closed for Aerification | Bar and Grill Open

Please note our course will be closed for aerification. We will not have our Wednesday Afternoon Scramble, but the Bar and Grill will be open during its normal hours of operation. Thank you for being so supportive, and we assure you that we will do everything we can to expedite course recovery and have you playing golf as quickly as possible!

While many golfers have understandably negative feelings toward course aeration, it is necessary for us to keep our greens looking as great as they do right now! Did you know that aeration looks like a large portion of the greens, but it actually only impacts around 10% of the putting green? Let’s take a little time to learn the importance of aeration so we don’t dread the sandy course days quite as much.

Here are the reasons we aerate our greens:
– To remove organic matter that builds up on the surface of the turf. If this material is left unchecked, it can prevent water from draining into the soil and also reduce the amount of oxygen that reaches plant roots, ultimately limiting growth. The holes from aeration allow excess moisture to evaporate and oxygen to move into the soil so the grass is much healthier through the hot Louisiana summer.
– To decompress the soil and improve drainage. Soil compression is caused by golfers repeatedly walking on and playing golf from the same areas of turf. Over time, this compaction makes it difficult for water and oxygen to reach grass roots, which can lead to unhealthy turf.
– To help promote root growth. Aeration strengthens grass roots by encouraging new root growth and allowing existing roots to spread out. This results in a stronger, healthier turf.
-To improve the overall health of the turf. Aeration can help alleviate many common turf problems, such as thatch build-up, compaction, poor drainage, and overseeding issues.

After the aeration is complete, we apply a sand top dressing to keep smooth, firm playing conditions that are able to tolerate traffic from golfers throughout the season.

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